This policy applies to matters relating to the organisation and activities of Great Harwood Rovers Football Club.

This procedure is to be followed by coaches/managers, parents, players and committee members when a complaint is to be registered.

Great Harwood Rovers Football Club aims to offer a safe and secure environment in which players, parents and coaches/managers can co-operate in the provision of organised football.  There will, however, from time to time, be differences of opinion and issues which will need to be addressed.

The aim of the Club is that all issues should be addressed at the earliest opportunity so that they may be resolved as amicably as possible. It is important, therefore, that all parties communicate regularly and honestly.

Verbal Complaints

The committee recommends that very minor one-off events which can and should be resolved between two parties fairly amicably should be regarded as verbal complaints.

Examples of issues requiring a verbal complaint might be:

  • A player, parent or coach/manager using inappropriate language (not necessarily
    foul) or making an inappropriate comment in a particular situation.
  • A coach / manager failing to advise that he/she is unavailable for a particular
  • A parent failing to arrive to collect a child on time;

Both parties are advised to record brief details of such discussions.

Written Complaints

The committee recommends that a serious issue requiring redress or when a number of minor, one-off events have taken place in close succession where a verbal complaint/discussion has failed to improve matters should be referred to the Leadership Committee as a written complaint.  This should be submitted using the below form.

Examples of issues requiring a written complaint might be:

  • Persistent and repeated minor issues such as those listed above;
  • Any allegation of unfair treatment, harassment, etc.
  • Any issue, incident or behaviour likely to compromise safety.

Child Protection

It should be clearly understood that any issues within the realms of Child Protection, Bullying, and Neglect etc. should be addressed directly to the Child Welfare Officer

Receiving a Complaint

All written complaints must be addressed to the Club Secretary, using the below form.

The following information will assist investigations – dates, times, the exact nature of the complaint, any witnesses, and an indication of how the situation might be resolved.

The Secretary will act only as a point for correspondence and will not comment or become involved in the resolution of complaints. He / she will forward the complaint to the Club Leadership committee.

All written complaints will be addressed by the Club at the earliest possible opportunity, but no later than the monthly Leadership committee meeting following receipt of the complaint.

All parties are expected to maintain confidentiality at all times.

Where complaints involve a committee member, he/she will be asked to withdraw from the review.

Taking Action

If the Leadership Committee considers the complaint to be unjustified, no further action will be taken.
In such circumstances, the Leadership committee will consider how similar situations/misunderstandings might be avoided in future, and make appropriate recommendations to the general club committee.
If the Leadership committee considers the complaint requires further investigation an independent Investigation Sub-Committee of up to 4 Club members will be formed.
Both parties will be invited to contribute their views.
The Investigation Sub-Committee will decide on the appropriate action to be taken, and if required recommend that the Club seek relevant advice from the Lancashire FA. In such circumstances, the sub committee will consider how similar situations /misunderstandings might be avoided in future and make appropriate recommendations to the Leadership committee.
All parties will be informed (via the Secretary) of the outcome in writing within 10 days of the decision.

Written Responses to Complaints

The response will contain a brief report of the findings and conclusions of the review. It will outline action taken or to be taken, if action is required


In the event of either party not being satisfied with the sub committee’s response, an appeal should be submitted in writing to the Secretary within 7 days, stating the grounds for appeal. The Secretary will forward the details to the Club Chairman who will review the appeal. His / her decision will be final and binding on all parties.

Written Complaints Submission Form