Sun 9th Sept Home Friendly u12 Greens v Eccleston, Chorley.
Due to the opponents dropping out of our 1st LFA tie, we managed to arrange a friendly today.
Eccleston and the Greens proved to be a brutal match up.
The Greens tried to play the usual pass and move football but found themselves getting involved in rough and tumble kick it up in the air football. 1st half the Greens had 2/3 Good chances to score but found ourselves 0-0 half time.
2nd half the Greens tried to get it down and play and again should have been in front. Eccleston won a few free kicks inside our own half which we didn’t deal with well 0-1.
This rallied the Greens to step it up and grab the equalizer, which Finley gladly poked home.
The Greens should of gone to win the game with again a couple of chances but time ran out.
The Greens 1 Eccleston 1
Man of the Match Mikey