First Prize: £122.00 – Number 82 – Bill Leigh
Second Prize: £91.50 – Number 54 – No Publicity Requested
Third Prize: £30.50 – Number 134 – Mark Houldsworth

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who has entered and continues to support the club!

Don’t forget you can join the 100 Club at anytime by filling in the application forms here. The more numbers sold, the bigger the prize money. Please help your local Great Harwood football team and sign up now!

******IMPORTANT MESSAGE: 3-2-1 Annual Draw ******

As a thank you for all your support over the first 12 months of the 100 Club we are going to hold a special end of year draw that we have named the 3-2-1 draw. This draw will take place in the week before Christmas and will not require any additional payment from yourselves.

The draw will only be open to those members who have been a member of the 100 Club for a minimum of 2 months and your subscription was current and fully paid up for the December draw.

This special one-off draw will have a 1st Prize of £300, 2nd Prize of £200 and 3rd Prize of £100.