Our club is very popular.  If the team of interest is currently full, please check back at regular intervals to see current availability.

U6 Mini League FULL
U7 Girls Sunday FULL
U7 Green Saturday FULL
U7 White Saturday FULL
U8 Green Saturday FULL
U8 White Saturday FULL
U8 Red Sunday FULL
U8 White Sunday FULL
U8 Green Sunday FULL
U9 Green Saturday 2 SPACES
U9 White Sunday FULL
U10 Green Sunday FULL
U11 Black Saturday FULL
U11 Green Saturday FULL
U11 White Saturday FULL
U11 Green Sunday FULL
U12 Saturday 3 SPACES
U12 Green Sunday FULL
U12 White Sunday 3 SPACES
U13 Green Saturday 2 SPACES
U14 White Saturday FULL
U14 Sunday FULL
U15 Green Saturday FULL
U15 Black Saturday FULL
U15 Green Sunday FULL
U16 Girls Sunday FULL
U18 White Saturday 2 SPACES