The Club shall run football teams consisting of players from the age of Under 7s to Under 18s as deemed by the Leadership Committee of the Club.

Those players under the age of six will be allowed to take part in training sessions with the “Mini League.”

The aim of the Club shall be to encourage Players and Parents/Guardians to participate in football in a sporting and self-disciplined manner.

Players will be introduced to football via mini-soccer; a game designed by the Football Association to provide quality experiences for all young players at all levels and is deemed the most appropriate and fun introduction to football.  Mini soccer is for all youngsters regardless of their ability.  It is intended for girls and boys and young footballers with disabilities and learning difficulties.  Mini soccer’s main aim is to ensure that children have more fun and learn more about playing the game using smaller teams and modified rules.

Each Manager will endeavour to give all children a fair and reasonable amount of time on the pitch in all team games dependant on the player’s attendance at training and their personal behaviour and conduct, irrespective of their level of ability. 

Where two teams are run in the same age group priority will be given to those playing in just one team.

The Club shall encourage all Players to fulfil their potential.

As players grow and progress up to playing full 11 aside football, the emphasis shall alter slightly and whilst maintaining an emphasis on enjoyment and participation an increasing importance shall be placed on competition.